Chains and Bones

1. Settling
2. The Apple
3. Protest Song
4. Damn Butterflies
5. Romantic Declaration
6. Head Games
7. X and Y
8. Come By Chance
9. Fifteen Minutes From Now
10. End of Story


Written: 01/12/2007  #168

Verse 1: This old house is settling as it squeaks and groans and moans,
like chains and bones.  This old house is surely settling on
foundations made of stones, cinder blocks, metal locks.

Chorus: It likes to wake me up at night.  Before the coming of light.  It
says you must know one thing, we’re settling.  And if we
take what we can and we give what we want and we only want
what we haven’t got, we’re settling.

Verse 2: This old house is haunted by the ghost of the never was, the
could have been, the should have been.   This old house is surely
haunted by the death of dreams, like destiny and tranquility.


Bridge: And as I move throughout the darkness of the night, vertigo
seems to be the only friend in sight.

Verse 3: For this house is settling, settling the score, for long lost
dreams and broken wings.  And this old house is settling,
settling the loans, the deep regrets, the unpaid debts.


End:     (repeat Chorus musically, end with “This old house is settling”)

Words & Music by David Liberty         

 “THE APPLE”         

Written: 29/06/2008 #174        

Verse 1: He was a sad little boy filled with little joy in his life of misery.  You’d have
to walk in his shoes to understand the blues of his personal history.  For he
lives with depression and that’s his confession.  Oh father forgive me, but
the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Verse 2: He was an angry young man with no definite plan and nights fueled by
alcohol.  He drank to forget a life of regret 'til he remembered nothing at
all.  A life full of vices at heavy prices, father forgive me, but the apple
doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Chorus: Take me by the hand.  Walk me through the land.  Let’s look for blue skies
not the rain.  Until there’s nothing but blue skies that remain.  That

Verse 3: Now he’s an ordinary man with a guitar in his hand and a song or two to
sing.  And he seems connected to the life he rejected and all that it can
bring.  Still nothing is certain but the final curtain, oh father forgive me, but
the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Chorus: And….



Words & Music by David Liberty

 “PROTEST SONG”         

Written: 04/10/2008  #182

Verse 1: I was raised on Vietnam, not spoon fed Uncle Sam as I learned right and
wrong from a protest song.

Verse 2: I supported civil demonstrations, but not violent confrontations.  I
supported democracy 'til it was taken away from me, to safeguard the  

Chorus:  So let’s go back to burning witches to safeguard the sons of bitches who
enslave a nation with war.  Where they’ll issue a license for a gun to carry,
but not for two men to marry, for hate’s the commodity they store.

Verse 3: Mine is but a lowly voice who sings of peace, and love and choice and
wonders where it all went wrong for the protest song.

Verse 4: Was the past just a rehearsal or the future just a reversal?  Dear Old Uncle
Sam welcome to the Vietnam of apple pie and Mom.


Bridge:  Now’s the time to harvest.  Seeds of hate have been sown.  Let’s get it to
market, or put it on a nuclear rocket.

Chorus: (twice)

Words & Music by David Liberty


Written: 14/10/2008  #183  

Verse 1: Wish I could be someplace other than here.  Somewhere farther than near. 
Somewhere else.  Wish I could find a distance from me, anonymity, be
someone else.

Verse 2: I realize it’s just a bad case of nerves, quite undeserved, so says I.  I can’t
contain this nervous energy, gripping me, no matter how I try.

Chorus:  Damn butterflies, got me quaking, shaking in the knees.  Like that feeling
you get sailing stormy seas.  Damn butterflies, flutter, sputter underneath
the skin.  Anxiety, mocks the courage within.

Verse 3: I take a deep breath just to calm my state, I hyperventilate, what’s the
point? And so I’ll drink and smoke cigarettes and when I can get, spark a


Bridge:  And what ever gets you through the day, is good says I.  And defeats the
monster within, damn butterfly.


Chorus: (fade)

Words & Music by David Liberty


Written: 09/11/2008 #184
Verse 1: I don’t always say it although I know I should, but you and I are good.  I
get so busy, too busy to say, I guess not enough hours in a day.

Chorus:  But we are fine.  We are fine.  We’re just aging like fine wine.  And yet we
are strong.  Yes, we are strong.  Never doubt this is where you belong.

Verse 2: We’re past the courting by many a year and I’m glad we’re both still
here.  We’re well past the flirting and the awkward phase.  The mournful
weeks and the tear-stained days.


Bridge:  And what I may lack in sentimentality, I more than make up in sincerity. 
And what I lack in a romantic declaration, I more than make up with
eternal dedication.


Outro:   And never doubt this is where you belong.

Words & Music by David Liberty 

 “HEAD GAMES”         

Written: 16/01/2009  #187
Verse 1: Can you speak your mind or are the words too hard to find?  Can you be
yourself?  Not some generic, esoteric, book upon the shelf.

Verse 2: Can I ever know the score of who you plan to be and who you were before? 
Or will you always leave me blind?  Deaf, dumb, two paces behind.

Chorus:  Head games, the official rules.  The winner wins, and the loser’s the fool. 
Head games, supplemental rules, extra points if you’re kind to be cruel.

Verse 3: So go ahead and make your move.  Score is tied, you’re bound to improve. 
Don’t get carried away.  Flaunt and taunt until there’s no one left to


Bridge:  Now if you have a change of heart and long for a brand new start.  Keep in
mind my lack of originality that says “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool
me twice, shame on me”.

Chorus: (Twice)

Outro:   Extra points if you’re kind to be cruel.  (X3)

End:     Head games.

Words & Music by David Liberty

“X AND Y”         

Written: 14/02/2009 #189        

Verse 1: In the battle of the sexes, I’m strictly Switzerland.  I know it’s not
courageous, but it’s a practical stand.

Verse 2: Don’t want to hear about your husband’s insensitivity, and your wife’s
short leash doesn’t interest me.

Chorus:  Lady, I am not your girlfriend, I am not your girlfriend, don’t want to sit
around braiding your hair. Buddy, I am not your girlfriend, I am not your
girlfriend, I’m no surrogate for your sexual despair.  I’m just a guy with a
feminine side and a masculine bent and a mind open wide.

Verse 3: I’m as shallow as the rest.  Need visual stimuli.  It’s not scientific, just part
of being a guy. 

Verse 4: Don’t want to hear your gossip, not even for laughs.  Don’t care who’s
sleeping with who, unless you’ve got photographs.


Bridge:  I could have been a girl, but I came out a guy.  No it’s nothing that I did. 
Blame the X and Y.  X and Y.

Verse 5: In the battle of the sexes, I’m a prisoner of war.  Who’s winning or
losing?  I haven’t been keeping score.

Chorus: (Twice)  I am not your girlfriend.

Words & Music by David Liberty

 “COME BY CHANCE”         

Written: 03/04/2009 #192        

Verse 1: Everything that’s come to me has come by chance.  Every rhythm
every melody, song and dance.  Every story in my history, happenstance.
And everything yet to be.

Verse 2: Every stone I’ve left unturned at first glance.  Every bridge that I let burn,
when I took my stance.  Every heartbreak I have earned from romance.
And every lesson left to learn.  Every lesson left to learn.  Like if you…

Chorus:  Sweat the little things, it’s like raindrops on seedlings and pretty soon
those seedlings, well they start to grow.  And before you know it, strong
roots help grow it and your staring at a forest of woe.

Verse 3: That which can not be prevented, comes by chance.  Can not be
circumvented, in advance.  And is always lamented, like a trance.
Until firmly cemented.

Verse 4: So take it easy and slow it down, and enhance.  Take a breath and look  
around at the great expanse.  Ease the anger, ease the frown, that’s come
by chance, before the raindrops let you drown.  The raindrops let you
drown.  When…


Bridge:  Life is nothing but random accidents, some good, some bad, some
unexplained and they all come by chance.  Like when you…

Chorus:  X2


Words & Music by David Liberty

 “Fifteen Minutes From Now”         

Written: 10/05/2009 #197        

Verse 1: I’m just famous for being famous; I have no talent at all.  But I’m adored
by the paparazzi 'cause I play ball.

Verse 2: I have no insightful insights.  Intelligent thoughts don’t cloud my head, and
yet you want to know all about me and who’s been sleeping in my bed. 
Who’s been sleeping in my bed.

Chorus:  And you just, you just, you just don’t know how famous I was fifteen
minutes ago.  You just, you just don’t know.  Can’t get rid of me no way, no
how.  You’ll have to wait for my final bow, fifteen minutes from now.

Verse 3: I like my face on the TV.  I like my name in print.  I’m just a poor little
nobody with keys to the mint.

Verse 4: Pretty soon I’ll be making my comeback.  Again earn your love and
respect.  I’d like to be bigger than ever and I’d like to direct.  I would like to


Bridge:  Somebody said that there’s a sucker born every minute, but I say there’s a
boat load coming every fifteen, fifteen minutes.  Who believe everything
that they are sold, like who’s hot and who’s cold.

Chorus: (twice)

End:     I said fifteen minutes from now.  I said fifteen minutes from now.

Words & Music by David Liberty

 “End Of Story”         

Written: 25/05/2009  #200       

Verse 1: I started out searching, though I don’t know what for.  I found no
answers, but I found so much more.

Verse 2: And everything I looked for, I’d already seen.  And every place I longed
for, I’d already been.

Chorus:  But I tried and tried to feel connected, to feel connected and alive.  But I
stood back, chose to observe and watched while others lived the life I
deserved.  Always searching.

Verse 3: I started a journey though I didn’t know, where it would lead me eight and
twenty years ago.

Verse 4: And I found laughter and I found tears.  Thought I found answers then
slowly watched them disappear.


Bridge:  Now the journey’s ended, storyline’s been suspended, sorry.  For not
apologizing, for never compromising, end of story.

Verse 5: And you who’ve come with me what have you learned?  Do you know a
candle’s worthless unless it gets burned?

Verse 6: And I’ve been burned more than once or twice, but like the candle burning,
I can’t help but feel it was worth the price.

Chorus: (twice)

Words & Music by David Liberty

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