Brian Fagan, a 40 year veteran of playing bass guitar first studied in Tibet under the great master Monk Yhaba Dhaba. Brian spent most of the 60’s touring Europe with a band of Romanian gypsies. It was here where his talent really soared, the gypsy music really spoke to him and allowed Brian to be a bass virtuoso.

Accompanying himself on the pan flute he performed in pubs across Europe to mostly inebriated audiences. The 70’s saw Brian in bell bottom pants and platform shoes, playing in disco clubs in Toronto. His passion for dance music cranked up in the 80’s when Brian put the bass down for a few years and became a night club deejay. Under the stage name Sir MIXDUP, Brian scratched out a name for himself.

Brian can not recall the 90’s, so we will move to 2008 when Brian joined The David Liberty Band.